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Jordan is among the smallest countries in the Middle East but also the third freest economy in the region. The market is one of the most developed one outside the Persian Gulf nations. The country’s retail ranked 18th in term of market attractiveness according to the Global Retail Development Index. When it comes to Middle East market, Jordan is one of.

Market Research Jordan dedicates itself to identify the “overdrive” growth strategy for Arab conglomerates and multinational companies in Jordan, the Middle East, and Asia. Our scope of projects includes – but not limited to – various market research, competitor analysis, market entry strategy, and many others. We have experienced consultants on the ground who will help clients to better understand the Jordan market and grow revenues in Jordan.

All projects are executed in-house and our work method is straightforward: we get the work done by 'getting our hands dirty' in the field, extracting relevant information from key stakeholders and experts in the marketplace.

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"We have now completed our study on entering a new market successfully and I wish to thank the team for the professional and urgent approach given our requirement relating to the specific market assessments, feasibility studies, a partner search and financial evaluation on a primary acquisition target in our market of interest. I am satisfied the consultants developed a differentiated route-to-market strategy that is comprehensive and delivered pleasingly ahead of time to meet our tight deadlines. Our objectives were met in full and I look forward to working with your team again in the future. "

General Manager

Our Client, Abu Dhabi Motors


Construction Challenge in Jordan
Construction Challenge in Jordan

many construction companies suffered from an inability to pay employees and equipment during the global crisis alongside the government's lack of support and compensation.

Jordan renewable energy
Jordan: Renewable Energy to Take 30 Percent Share of the Total Electricity Generated

Through the Energy Strategy 2020-2030, Jordan's government aims for a 31 percent share of renewables in its total electricity generation by 2030.

Jordan Vaccination
Jordan’s Soft Recovery Through Government Spendings

Jordan's Ministry of Finance has estimated public spending for 2021 to reach JD 9.93 Billion, accounting for a deficit of JD 1.18 Billion or 3.7% of the last year's GDP.

Jordan Sees Economy Recovering Faster than Expected in 2021
Jordan Sees Economy Recovering Faster than Expected in 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic severely disrupted economic and social sectors worldwide, and Jordan is no exception.